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VMware View 4.5 pool re-compose storage throughput

I just upgraded my VMware View 4.5 RC to GA. After upgrading the Connection servers, and then composer, I updated the agent on the master image for the pool.

Keep in mind this cluster is only running on 4 servers. Somehow the bid – purchase process got screwed up and my 10 new servers never showed. Of course that pricing is now no longer valid.. waiting on 6 HP DL387s. Oh well.

So, I told View to recompose the pool at 17:53. Pool consists of 100 Windows XP SP3 as linked clones. The ESX servers are connected to a Sun 7410. 2GB aggr from servers to Cisco switches with 4GB aggr to 7410 head.

According to View MGR the complete pool re-compose took 37 minutes. The SUN shows a peak of 9,898 NFS ops/sec. I didn’t add Latency to the Analytics page until part way through, but latencies stayed well below the 15mS mark. In the screen shot that highlights the NFS Ops peak you can see how most of the latencies are at the 0uS mark (zero).. so they are between zero and 1mS.

There is still a bit of NFS traffic on there, it didn’t drop off really low as that was VCenter migrating the desktops around to re-loadbalance.

Now at 18:33 the SUN shows NFS down to < 100 ops/sec so all-in-all I’d say 45 minutes total for a 100 desktop pool re-compose. I exported the data from the SUN and a quick look shows an average of 2,849.3 ops/sec over the time the re-compose was running

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